Seeing The Top

Timothy Conners Uncategorized

Have you ever been so focused on attaining something that for lack of better words, you blindly

keep moving forward without thinking everything through? Well that’s where I realized I was today.

Everything in my life has honestly been going so well that I lost track of some of the important things in

it. I mean things aren’t all bad and I am Doing well in my classes at school, spending quality time with

friends more than I have in the past, and of course am moving forward on all of my initiatives for

MounTimpossible, but Despite being busy, successful, and honestly feeling pretty good about

everything, all of a sudden I realized it is the middle of April and I have been negating a few important

aspects of my life. One is I haven’t worked out in a couple of weeks even once. I don’t know what

happened. I was training multiple times a week, getting out and prepared for my more intense training

in the summer and fall, and even worked with my strength trainer when I was home from spring break,

but then things took a crash. When I got back to college from spring break I learned my fitness trainer

would no longer be training with me. I believed my trainer was going to set me up with a person to work

with when she left, but that never came to fruition, and there I was with no fitness trainer and training

to do. at first I worked hard on getting another trainer, but when our fitness center never contacted me

back and I kept feeling to uncomfortable to ask people I knew to work out with me, nothing ever ended

up getting done. Although my plans were to get back involved eventually, After not getting in touch

really with anyone to train with I became consumed with planning out the Kilimanjaro trek with all of

the logistics, schoolwork that was piling up fast, and everything else a 21 year old has to deal with

including getting sleep and the next thing I knew it was like a month later. the important lesson at this

point is I realize Everything I have been doing is great, and I plan on keeping it up, but if I don’t

remember the important things like training which I already have a strict plan in place for when I get

home in less than 4 weeks it won’t matter really how much I plan ahead of time for the trek if I am not

in shape to do it. Luckily I have accepted that I need to start getting comfortable with being

uncomfortable so I have asked friends to work out with me and they have reacted better than I


Another area I started to neglect over the last month or two as well was my healthy diet.

Working out is great, but fueling the body well is another part of that equation. Eating at a dining hall,

having late nights where the only options from bad planning on my part were to order in food, and

going to so many events where people were eating food that wasn’t very healthy, the diet I had been on

starting at the beginning of the year went out the window. Again I am thankful to have had another

wakeup call in my life and starting today I am back on the health kick.

To conclude all of these thoughts, I guess if I have learned anything from this experience, it is

that it’s important to keep your sights set on where you want to be, but always remember to make sure

you are doing everything you need to do in order to get there. As I learned firsthand, it is easy to think

you are on the right path, but before you know it you may realize you have no idea where you are.

Thankfully everyone has a choice to make when they veer off course, and I know mine is to find my way

back on it and keep pushing towards the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.