Staying Focused

Timothy Conners Uncategorized

There aren’t honestly many moments in life where you can just sit, smile, and feel at peace.

One of these moments for me was when I was sitting at the bottom of the Grand Canyon on the beach after a long day.

Another was just now. As I sat with my guide dog Lang curled up in my lap I took the time to

reflect on my life. First I thought about everything I have been doing to raise money for the American

Cancer Society. Normally I am so focused on where I am going that I don’t think where I have come so

far, which made this moment so special. I not only have raised a lot of money which can go towards

helping a lot of people, but I can honestly say I am giving all of the fund raising efforts everything I have

and at the end of the day there isn’t much more someone could feel proud of. After reflecting on my

American Cancer Society efforts I began thinking about my friends. Although sometimes I question it, I

really have developed some great friendships at Ithaca College that will continue even after I am gone.

Also life is honestly empty if you can’t share it with others, so I’ve learned to appreciate everyone I am

lucky enough to have in my life. The next area I took time to reflect on was my efforts with

MounTimPossible. It is wild to think of how last July I was just talking about it and the closer and closer it

gets to January the more real it becomes. I am not only talking to key people to have everything in place

to succeed, but I am sharing what I am doing with others who are honestly touched and inspired to

follow their dreams as well. Also the support I am getting is aweing. Friends are willing to do so much to

support me, people I don’t even really know believe in me, and everyone I talk to really thinks I can

make a difference. Honestly this feeling is like no other and I just feel so at peace and ultimately blessed

for where I am right now in my life. After thinking about all of these thoughts, I put my lips down by my

dog’s ear while he is still clutching his squeaky tennis ball in his mouth and whisper you are the best

thing that ever happened to me. My dog has taught me to appreciate the here and now, the little

moments that honestly make you laugh, and also that sometimes you need to just take a break from

everything going on in your life to play a game of fetch; even if it is in a cramped dorm room. I can

honestly say I am blessed for the here and now, and if I had one piece of advice for anyone reading it

would be take a break and go play your game of fetch.