The Climb Team

Tackling Mt. Kilimanjaro in Spring 2017.

photo of kevin c

Kevin C – Guide

Kevin has been an international mountaineer for over 20 years. Conquering the summit of Mt. Everest in 2007 was his greatest personal accomplishment. Since then, he’s made it his personal goal to change lives one adventure at a time—whether by scaling Everest, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or Aconagua. Kevin’s passion for climbing and helping others has even been passed on to individuals who are blind, paralyzed and have lost limbs.

photo of robert b

Robert B – Crew

Robert met Tim at a UCLA leadership conference in 2014. They connected immediately, sharing interests in adventure, off-color humor and social impact, the rest is history. An adventurer and outdoor enthusiast, Robert matches his professional skills of business development with his passion for making a difference, frequently partnering with non-profits and adventure treks to raise resources and awareness for important causes.

photo of alex l

Alex L – DP/Crew

Renowned film director/producer, Alex is a master storyteller. An expert communicator. Melding artful creations with good business is something of wizardry. Alex has gathered an uncanny amount of experience from both worlds, art and business. When he puts it all together, you find brilliant thundering success. It’s really quite a display. Are you thinking fireworks?

Bob McGowen – Medical

Bob is a primary care physician and Tim’s uncle. His decision to climb  Mount Kilimanjaro started with a phone call to Tim explaining all of the medical reasons that Tim was crazy to undertake this journey. 

Having been by Tim’s side while he was in the ICU at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Bob would know better than anyone what he had overcome. At that time, Tim was on dialysis, in congestive heart failure and fighting an overwhelming infection.  Tim’s recovery is miraculous but he still carries the scars left over from that time.  In the end, Bob decided if Tim was going in spite of the obstacles, then he would join the team and provide medical support. Bob is also climbing to encourage everyone, regardless of fitness level, to get out and improve their health with an active lifestyle.

Mike Conners – Kicking butt

Mike Conners is a lot of amazing things, but what he takes most pride in is being the father of his two sons Tim and Mike, and now grandson Griffin. With an outstanding wrestling career in his youth, including being a NYS High School Champion, a Division 3 three-time All American, and a National Champ, Mike brought his Wrestling background to Fulton New York where he coached numerous state championship teams. Although retired from coaching at the high school level, he still remains one of the top winningest coaches in New York State, is in the NYS Wrestling Hall of Fame, and is currently an Assistant Wrestling Coach at SUNY Oswego. Tim shares it will be an interesting journey because he and his dad are very much alike and headstrong. This normally can result in a conflict, but he knows that with his dad’s leadership background, ability to move teams to reach new heights, and winning attitude he will play an important role in helping him achieve his dreams.

Project Partner

The K2AF Mission is to care for children, adults and families with special needs and or life changing medical circumstances by providing services, support and funds that will be used for educational and medical enrichment.

Key Advisors

photo of erik w

Erik W

On May 25, 2001, Erik Weihenmayer became the only blind person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. In 2008 he climbed Carstensz Pyramid on the island of Papua New Guinea, completing the Seven Summits, the highest point on every continent. Even as retinoschisis began to rob him of his vision by the age of 13, Erik resisted the idea that blindness would sweep him to the sidelines of life. After graduating a double major from Boston College, Erik became a middle-school teacher and wrestling coach at Phoenix Country Day School. Yet it was atop the highest point in North America, the mountain known in the native Inuit language as Denali, where his quest for adventure began to take shape. Erik’s triumphs over some of the world’s most formidable mountains were fueling a growing aspiration to take the lessons he learned in the mountains to help others shatter barriers in their lives.

photo of kristen s

Kristen S

Throughout the years, Kristen has been involved with a variety of non-profit organizations, starting one when she was just 23 years old. But seeing the great poverty among those who were disabled in the U.S. and in third-world countries was so distressing that she felt compelled to do something about it.

Her vision was realized in March 2009, when she was asked to be one of the guides on mountaineer Kevin Cherilla’s climb to lead eight blind individuals up Mt. Kilimanjaro. The group made the summit and broke four world records, but the trip was historic for another reason, as well—she and Kevin made the decision to co-found K2 Adventures Foundation.

photo of jonathan s

Jonathan S

Jonathan is a television personality, featured columnist, author of 10 books, and a leading authority on Connection strategies for leaders and achievers. His message has made him a favorite at national conventions and has garnered top accolades. Sprinklisms, Inc. was recently honored as the Pinnacle Award winner for excellence in business. Jonathan was voted Houston Business Journal’s “40 under 40” for being one of the top entrepreneurs in America’s fourth largest city. He has also been voted National Speaker of the Year (APCA), Marketer of the Year (JMI), and Mentor of the Year (Disney) – four times!

Key Supporters

The Crane Family Foundation


Michael & Elizabeth Conners

Robert McGowen

Frank Pedlow JR

Richard Dufor

  • Fulton Lions Club
  • David Clarke
  • JGB Enterprises
  • Esther McGowen
  • Jim Townsend
  • Tom Reilly
  • Dr. Saam Zarabi
  • Charles Roth
  • Jessica Degroot
  • Julie Karcsinski
  • Virginia DiSanto
  • B Vishneowski
  • Robert Lincoln
  • David & Amy Lamparella
  • Mary & Darby Bianchini
  • Jonathan Miyamoto
  • David Garber
  • Richard Rollo
  • Robert Gates
  • Phil Gadsden
  • Susan Nixon
  • Trevor Woodworth
  • Stephen Lang
  • Sandra Patane
  • Greg Osetek
  • Daniel Dy
  • Monica & Askel Thiim
  • Eric Martin
  • David Quinlan
  • Franklin Square Ortho
  • Michael & Christine Thiim

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