Climb a mountain.

Live life fully.

Make a difference.

Redefine POSSIBLE.

On May 22nd , 2017, an incredible team will be setting out on a life changing mission to climb the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Although summiting this mountain would be an amazing feat for anybody, for 22 year old Timothy Conners it is going to mean so much more not only for him, but the world. At 15 years old a deathly diagnosis of cancer would take so much away from Tim including his ability to walk, but even more than that, his sight. Despite his life circumstances, Tim has continued to fight back against all odds in his life including an experience of heart, lung, and kidney failure that almost took him from this world, and now he wants to give back. Even though Tim is still dealing with issues today from everything he experienced at such a young age including neuropathy in his legs, he wants to continue fighting his uphill battle in life, and that next battle is what we are calling MounTimPossible, and not only involves conquering a mountain, but Tim’s goal of raising 500,000 dollars for the organizations that have contributed greatly to his success, and he knows in his heart can do the same for others too.

MounTimPossible is a journey that will make a great impact for those who have a disability or life changing medical circumstance in the United States and all around the world, but Tim chooses to see an even greater impact that can come from this opportunity. He says, “what he is doing isn’t just about climbing a mountain, it is about living life to the fullest, making a difference in the world, and redefining what people perceive as possible.” Also, Tim realizes what he has set out to do is a large feat between the training, the fundraising, and balancing his senior year of college, but his optimism cuts through all doubt, and he knows people will come to have his back and support him to realize his dream of redefining possible. Together with Tim we are going to move mountains, and when we do, we want you to be there with us, because nothing great ever accomplished was ever achieved by someone on their own, and like the name of this project suggests, this mission is TimPossible!