• Tim Possible- Inspirational Speaker, Sightless Visionary, America’s Ambassador of Hope

    Will you be the next person to join Tim in his Mission?

    Tim’s Mission is to inspire others to see that the power to control their lives is in their hands; not their circumstances.

    His Vision is to join together with millions of people as he tandem bikes across America to spread hope to others and demonstrate that no one has to ride alone.

    He knows when people start hoping they start believing, when they start believing they start dreaming, and when they start dreaming they become part of creating a world that is a better place for all.

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About Tim

Tim has overcome a diagnosis of cancer, going blind in 48 hours, and a near death experience from heart, lung, and kidney failure all by the age of 16. Now he’s sharing his story of summiting mountains figuratively and literally with audiences around the world, inspiring others to see that the power to control their lives is in their hands; not their circumstances. He believes you shouldn’t wait until your last breath to start experiencing what it means to be ALIVE, and since becoming 10 years cancer free in 2020, he has made it his mission to Bike Across America. More importantly, bring together over 70 million people who are ready to start lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down.


Reach out to Tim to come share his transformational story and life changing formula for success with your group.

His combination of inspiration, humor, and proven strategies for success will add up to an experience you will never forget.


Help make Tim’s dream of spreading hope across the country a reality by contributing to the mission.

Every little bit will help in making the mission a huge success, and whether it’s $50,000 or $5, there are sponsorship opportunities for everyone.

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Lives Changed


People to Unite


Miles to Ride

110 🙂

Motivation Level

18,885 feet

Climbed up Kilimanjaro

0% Chance of giving up

“Thank you for sharing your powerful story.  I was moved hearing about the challenges you faced during your battle with Leukemia, and I want you to know how much I admire your courage.  Your determination throughout your battle, and commitment to lifting up the lives of others, embody the best American spirit.

Young people like you are tomorrow’s leaders – you inspire me and give me tremendous hope for the future.  Michelle and I expect great things from you!” President Barack Obama

Tim wants you to start living your dreams

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