I believe we can move mountains, if we move them together.

Why Tim?

Tim Conners is one of America’s top inspirational key note speakers. His story of overcoming cancer and blindness by 16 years old has changed the lives of audiences around the world. A combination of inspiration, humor, and proven strategies for success add up to an experience audiences will be thanking you for repeatedly, and never forget!

About Speaking Events

The insights Tim will share with your group include:

  • Tim’s unbelievable and inspiring true story

After being diagnosed with Leukemia, losing his sight in 48 hours, and being told by his doctors to start saying his last good-byes Tim proved 7 years later by standing on the summit of Africa’s highest peak that no matter what happens to you, the power to control your life is in your hands, not your circumstances.

  • Tim’s ALIVE principles for succeeding in the face of any adversity

Adventure outside of your comfort zone

Live in alignment with who you are

Incorporate others in your life

View the world optimistically

Experience the life you want to live

  • And much, much more…

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“On behalf of ARISE, please accept our sincere appreciation for your efforts at our recent Staff Development Day.  The way you masterfully articulated your life experiences, perseverance, and determination exceeded our expectations.  We continue to hear about how much your speech has impacted ARISE staff members.  Working with you has been a privilege and a true highpoint of my duties.

Once again, thank you for all you have done to contribute to the resounding success of Staff Development Day.”

Garrett A. OwenHuman Resources ARISE

“Tim Conners speaks eloquently and from the heart.  His story tells of a young man who was faced with challenges and obstacles that he overcame with determination and drive.  Tim is one of the most powerful speakers we have had the pleasure of hosting.  His story raised a lot of funds for our charity and the individuals we serve.”

Kevin and KristenCo-founders – K2 Adventures Foundation (Internationally Recognized Non-Profit Organization)

“Tim Conners is an incredible speaker I’ve had the opportunity to work with as principal at two different elementary school buildings. He shares a message of positivity and eternal optimism that inspires staff and students. He inspires to change the world.  Through his work he is doing just that.  He is an inspiration to me as I daily strive to adhere to the words he once shared w/ me, “Word hard.  Be nice.  Never give up.” This young man exemplifies the very best of the human spirit and it is an honor to hear him speak.  You will be inspired to be a better person and to make this world a better place.”

Robert BriggsElementary School Principal, Liverpool Central School District

“I have known Tim Conners for years and he never ceases to amaze me.  His ‘never give up attitude’ and desire to share his triumphant story with other students is something I truly admire.  He is one of a kind and his ability to touch lives and inspire them is remarkable.”

Dr. Bill Dorfman Founder of LEAP, NY Times Best Selling Author. Features Dentist on ABC’s Extreme Makeover & CBS’ The Doctors

“Tim has a unique ability to connect with his audience and deliver a message that is relevant, inspiring and deeply personal for all who hear him.  His humor, grace, and insight engage and motivate listeners to do better and be better, no matter their role in the organization”

Geri GeitnerDirector of Student Support Services, Fulton City School District

“Tim Conners is changing the world, one “Yes” at a time.  He is a living example of what “IT’s Possible” looks like.  After a few short minutes with Tim, you will reject your excuses and start living the possibilities of your life.”

Jonathan Sprinkles “Your Connection Coach” Bestselling Author, TV Personality