Blind man overcomes challenges to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

One Central New York blind man’s journey has been full of highs and lows, but now he’s reached a peak many won’t experience in their lifetime. “To be there seven years ago, for them to tell me ‘you have cancer’ to us standing on the top of the highest mountain in Africa, what a journey,” said Tim Conners.   Tim was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 after doctors found a tumor the size of a small football in his chest; his cancer eventually leading to even more challenges.   “The cancer infiltrated his optic nerves and that’s what caused him to go blind,” said Betsy Conners, Tim’s mom.   But his challenges fueled his strength; Tim set a goal to make the more than week-long trek with his father up Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peek in Africa.   “I can’t see we’re at the top, I know we’re at the top, people are telling me we’re at the top, but then when I reached out and touched the sign, that’s like the real moment for me. Like we’re there. We did this. We’re at the top,” said Tim.   “You know, I was crying too much at that point. It was very emotional, I mean, seven, eight years ago, I couldn’t get him to stand out of a chair. Physically couldn’t do it,” said Michael Conners, Tim’s dad.   A moment that will bond a father and son forever and inspire all to see that anything is possible.   Tim’s mom says she’s not sure what he plans on doing next, but she draws the line at climbing Mount Everest.