Sponsor a Loved One

Tim feels very blessed to have survived his battle with cancer, but he’s learned firsthand that everyone isn’t as lucky. That is why he has made it a priority to not just bike across the country for himself, but for all of those who can’t ride for themselves anymore. The truth is we all have reasons why we ride, and whether it is a loved one who is currently in the battle for their life or a loved one who is no longer with us, Tim would be honored to ride for them.

Why Sponsor a Loved One?

  • Tim will proudly represent your love one as he bikes across the country showing others how he
    isn’t just riding alone, but with thousands of people’s loved ones by his side.
  • One of the days on the ride Tim will wear his “Reason’s We Ride” t-shirt in honor of your loved
    one and post about it to social media so everyone can get to see how loved your special person truly is.
  • At the end of the mission Tim will send you a “Reasons We Ride” certificate with your loved
    one’s name on it to always remind you of the reason why you choose to get up every day and Ride.

All funds raised through sponsorships will be allocated towards the costs associated with the Bike Across America Mission of uniting millions through hope and Tim’s continued effort to benefit children and their families like his dealing with life threatening illnesses and/or disabilities.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities