Sponsor a Mile

Tim and Carlos will be traveling over 4,000 miles on the Northern Tier Bike Route as they make their way across the country, and they would like you to become a part of that journey. By sponsoring one of those miles you can play a direct role in making sure their mission to unite millions through hope isn’t just a dream, but a reality that will help create a better world for all.

Why Sponsor a Mile?

  • Tim will give you a shout out along with the other mile sponsors on social media when he is
    biking across the country to personally thank you for helping make the mission possible.
  • At the end of the mission Tim will send you a one of a kind e-certificate with the mile your
    sponsorship was able to make possible.

All funds raised through sponsorships will be allocated towards the costs associated with the Bike Across America Mission of uniting millions through hope and Tim’s continued effort to benefit children and their families like his dealing with life threatening illnesses and/or disabilities.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities