Dinner with a Cause: Fajita Grill Fundraiser Night to Benefit MounTimPossible

FULTON, NY – Looking for something exciting to do on your Spring Break?

Come join Tim Conners also known as Tim Possible on Monday, April 17 between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the Fajita Grill in Fulton located at 451 S. Second Street for the MounTimPossible Fundraiser.

Ten percent of everything earned that night will go towards the MounTimPossible Mission, which is raising money for charities and organizations that not only helped Tim beat cancer and blindness, but gave him the strength and the tools he needed to start living again.

To find out more about the mission the website is MounTimPossible.com.

Tim hopes you get a chance to make it over, so he can share with you more about the mission of living life fully, making a difference, and redefining possible.

He also says, “I don’t want to eat all of that delicious queso on my own!”

So, if you don’t have anything planned on Monday, April 17, Fajita Grill in Fulton will be the place to be.