Tim Conners Returns Home After “Intense” Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

SYRACUSE, NY – This afternoon at roughly 1:45, Fulton native Tim Conners returned to his anxiously awaiting family after an adventurous two-week stretch in Africa.

Tim’s mother, Betsy Conners was the first face at the airport terminal searching for her son and husband as they walked through the gate at Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

“I am just so thankful they are home. I’m so proud of them and all they accomplished and Tim’s committment to just keep paying it forward,” Tim’s mother, Betsy said.

Conners, 22, commonly referred to as Tim Possible, beat a life threatening cancer diagnosis that left him blind as a teenager.

Two weeks ago, seven years after the battle for his life began, he traveled the 7,556 miles from Fulton to the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Africa to begin his trek to the top of the highest point on the African continent as part of his MounTimPossible mission.

On his twelfth day in Africa, Conners and his team, partnered with K2 Adventures Foundation, reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at 18,885 feet after 53 hours of climbing over a nine day stretch.

“I went through cancer and everything and this might be one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my entire life,” Conners said. “But we did it. I couldn’t have done it without everyone on my team, they all pushed me.”

Conners referred to the momentous journey as “out of this world” and “incredibly intense” though somehow finding the strength to never give up.

Today, Conners reunited with his service dog, Lang, his mother, and the rest of his family.