From Moving Mountains to Climbing Mountains, Fulton Native Seeks to Redefine ‘Possible’

FULTON, NY – The sudden onset of life-threatening cancer didn’t stop him. Losing his sight as a result didn’t stop him. The inevitable setbacks and hardships he faced through a challenging recovery still didn’t stop him.

As it seems, nothing can stop Tim Conners from “redefining possible.”

Surviving cancer was the first obstacle, but Conners’ story is much more than his fight for survival. In fact, that is where his story just begins, he said.

“I was at a point in my life where I questioned, what kind of life is this for me? I could barely move, I’m now blind. I asked myself, is life worth living in those moments when you’re tested the most because you feel like you’ve lost it all,” Conners told Oswego County Today.

But with an unbreakable spirit, those moments of doubt left as quickly as they came and he vowed that even though cancer took his eyesight, he wouldn’t let it touch his spirit.

Today, he commutes once a week to complete his last semester at Ithaca College to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, he has a newly published book for sale, and has raised nearly $20,000 for a fundraiser that both challenges him as an individual and gives back to multiple organizations that he feels he owes his life to.